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Want to Get In The Game?

The Empower Sales Network is a national direct marketing company that has developed a cutting-edge approach to providing services to a wide range of companies. What we do, no one else does. How we do it is a breakthrough in direct sales and marketing.

Join us, hang on and enjoy the ride up!

Our clients include major international companies within the entertainment, telecommunications, media, informational services, retail energy and renewable energy space. We're always looking for energetic, talented and ambitious people who want to be part of our dynamic enterprise. Climb aboard!

Looking for a heck of a ride? Ride Higher With Us

Are you creative and quirky? Or, maybe you're a marketing maven, a sales star, a whiz with numbers, a data entry overlord or a software genius? Whatever you may be, we probably have a position for you. Again, we're growing and growing fast!

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Looking to partner with the Empower Sales Network?

The Empower Sales Network is seeking business partners/teams who have a proven track record in direct sales (residential and/or small and large commercial). Our network is comprised of independent sales companies, regional sales distributors and the lone wolf, sales journeymen.

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