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  • Empower Sales provides services in the following areas:
  • * Direct Selling
  • * Communications
  • * Brand Development
  • * Strategic Internet marketing
  • * Lead Generation
  • * Quality Assurance
  • * Customer service
  • * Back office support


Taking You To The Top

The hard-working members of the Empower Sales Network are as much experienced sales professionals as they are students of selling.

If it has anything to do with the sell, we do it. And we do it as well as anyone you can name. Now, let's do it for you.

Direct Customer Acquisition

Empower Sales achieves results, period. We’ve work with some of the largest energy, telecommunications and entertainment companies in the world – and we’ve never lost a client. This is indicative of the quality of our sales agents and of the attention to detail that trickles downwards from the highest ranks of the Empower Sales network.

We are committed to our clients, their brand reputation and to their goals for growth. We are also equally committed to quality assurance. We are experts on rules and regulations in each and every market we work. We do daily sales audits, we track and measure sales numbers and we only hire the best. Our clients expect nothing less.

From implementing direct sales (d2d, b2b) campaigns to planning and executing on event marketing and brand development, we are involved in all aspects of the business.

Ready to talk about how we can help elevate your brand through the implementation of creative, unparalleled and fully integrated direct sales and marketing campaigns?

Breakdown of Customer Acquisition Services:

  • Trade Shows
  • Corporate Prospecting
  • Inbound/Outbound Call Programs
  • Online and Email Campaigns
  • Qualified Lead Generation
  • Database Management
  • Detailed Tracking Reports
  • Cold Call Prospecting
  • Product Launches
  • Direct Promotions
  • Recruiting and Sales Training
  • Incentive Programs
  • Effective Recruitment
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention
  • Quality Control Safeguards
  • Prompt Reporting, Payroll and more


We follow the Empower Sales DREAM; a proven strategic approach that follows a chain of events from advising on branding strategies all the way to the acquisition of customers.

  • D Development of a cohesive marketing and sales strategy
  • D Rapid implementation of strategies exploiting the latest selling and marketing tools
  • D Execution of strategies to complement customer acquisition campaigns
  • D Advancement of sales and revenue streams
  • D Measurement of success, constant evaluation and refinements of current strategies

Simply Gettin’ It:

Empower Sales offers a complete range of services designed to meet specific sales targets:

  • We work as, or in conjunction with, your marketing department or agency to develop a cohesive sales and marketing program, which includes brand development, identity and collateral materials.

  • We develop, through training, a direct sales acquisition force designed to serve as brand ambassadors to demonstrate your products and/or services directly to the end user.

  • We create and staffs kiosks, public-event booths and trade shows to increase brand awareness and sales.

  • We assist in the development of strategic partnerships, such as fundraising initiatives, cross marketing and distribution channels.

  • We develop and maintain data records, implement quality control, initiate retention campaigns, and provide prompt sales reporting.

  • We develop an online marketing strategy to ensure maximum brand penetration.

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